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    We offer a monthly evening after-hours, "1st Tuesdays", a "Breakfast Connection" every 2nd Thursday and a "Business Luncheon", every 4th Friday. We also offer quarterly professional breakfast networking seminars, "Contagious Connecting", in February, May, August and November. 

    We present two Signature community events each year: "Nona Chamber Festival", in March and "Taste of Nona", in October.

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    One of your membership benefits includes a Newsletter "Member Spotlight". This is an easy way to build awareness of your business! Valued at around $450, this benefit is available to all members once during each year of their membership. This Spotlight will be posted on our Chamber Blog, it will be included in our monthly Newsletter, and shared on our Social Media platforms. But, as with most things of value, it's up to YOU to take the time to reach out and take advantage of this benefit! Don't miss out on

    For business owners and managers, extra time is scarce. Learn how to make the most of your day by following these simple tips.

    The principle of hope applies to our career or the organizations we are a part of. Hope is to expect, anticipate, look forward to, and expect the best in others. Hope plays a big part in the culture in which we work. It is an expectation of a future reality that is based upon an objective review of the desire and a reasonable plan of action to achieve that desire.

    Hurricane season is June through November. Make sure your business' computer equipment is taken care of with this checklist provided by Arbra Calvert, Pro IT Services & Support.

    Do you wish you could get more out of attending your Chamber events? Are you making solid connections and developing business-building relationships while networking? If you're viewing every person you connect with as a target or potential sale, you could be missing the point of the networking experience. In this post, our resident work culture expert, Travis Jacob, gives us tips on networking and shares a personal mini case study to illustrate his points. Taking heed to his suggestions will help you

    Each person has the natural ability within their bodies to heal themselves and defend against illness and injury.  This isn’t about positive thinking, or some other ethereal type of philosophy. It’s about real, concrete elements that exist within the human body that when activated can trigger healing in a very powerful and regenerative way. Rather than treating only your presenting symptoms, as is common in traditional medicine, regenerative medicine doctors seek to permanently restore the function and

    There are currently four different generations employed in the workforce. Understanding the generational make-up of the current workforce is critical when considering what kind of culture you desire for your organization. Navigate through core values and work ethics of different age groups by understanding not only the Golden Rule, but also the Platinum Rule as explained by Travis Jacob of Ultimate Synergy, LLC.

    Women have unique lifetime income planning needs. Find out what a woman's greatest retirement threat is and how to navigate through the bolder years of life.