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    Do you wish you could get more out of attending your Chamber events? Are you making solid connections and developing business-building relationships while networking? If you're viewing every person you connect with as a target or potential sale, you could be missing the point of the networking experience. In this post, our resident work culture expert, Travis Jacob, gives us tips on networking and shares a personal mini case study to illustrate his points. Taking heed to his suggestions will help you

    Orlando Health Physician Associates is one of the largest multi-specialty healthcare groups in Central Florida. Meet three of these doctors who have practices right here in Lake Nona: Dr. Casler, Pediatrician; Dr. Goddard, Family Medicine; Dr. Bhullar, OB/GYN.

    LNRCC Chamber member, Lake Nona Rotary member, mother, educator, Lake Nona resident, and licensed Agent of New York Life Insurance Company, Silvia offers a variety of products that can help her clients meet a number of insurance and financial needs, including, but not limited to college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care and lifetime income strategies. Learn more about this wonderful member of our LNRCC family in this post!

    Meet Jeannette Bajalia, Founder and President of Woman's Worth, author of three books, weekly radio show host, and co-founder of Growing Bolder Financial Institute. Jeannette brings more than 40 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries to her work that is specialized in the unique life and financial needs of women. With Woman’s Worth®, Jeannette specializes in ensuring individuals have a retirement plan that allows them to be more emotionally, medically, and financially

    Each person has the natural ability within their bodies to heal themselves and defend against illness and injury.  This isn’t about positive thinking, or some other ethereal type of philosophy. It’s about real, concrete elements that exist within the human body that when activated can trigger healing in a very powerful and regenerative way. Rather than treating only your presenting symptoms, as is common in traditional medicine, regenerative medicine doctors seek to permanently restore the function and

    There are currently four different generations employed in the workforce. Understanding the generational make-up of the current workforce is critical when considering what kind of culture you desire for your organization. Navigate through core values and work ethics of different age groups by understanding not only the Golden Rule, but also the Platinum Rule as explained by Travis Jacob of Ultimate Synergy, LLC.

    Women have unique lifetime income planning needs. Find out what a woman's greatest retirement threat is and how to navigate through the bolder years of life.

    Does your organization have a healthy and winning culture? Is your workplace a trusting, committed, and exciting environment? Perhaps you wish you could improve the overall morale, retention, and productivity of your team? Travis Jacob can be your company's "Culture Consultant" by teaching you how to focus on the most important asset to your organization--the people!

    Meet a Lake Nona resident and business owner dedicated to serving the community. If you're looking for someone who can help with maintaining your home or business without harmful chemicals and without cross-contamination, look no further. Want a free estimate? She can do that. Want to buy handmade soaps for a good cause right here in our community? She can help you with that, too. Because Page Leindecker doesn't cut corners, she cleans them!

    Medical Plazas are the future of the healthcare industry, driving innovation and evolution benefiting patients and caregivers alike. Architect and engineer Tabitha Ponte can help you deliver this first-of-its-kind innovation in plaza development and care.