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    In order to have a successful organization, one thing that can and must remain constant in a successful organization is a healthy culture. Much like taking care of your personal health by maintaining the right diet and exercising regularly, organizational health focuses on taking care of what is most important to the success of your organization--your people! Laying the foundation for a winning culture requires a little bit of work on the part of the leaders, but it's worth it. Try some of the

    Three great videos from the 2017 Trends & Opportunities in Global Commerce meeting!

    With growth comes change, and the LNRCC is here to help you along that path by providing you bigger and better resources! We've upgraded our website and with that comes a new free mobile app to keep your Chamber resources at your fingertips! Here is a brief overview to get you started!

    There are many new approaches to a healthy lifestyle that have become part of culture and fads. Ashni introduces a unique technique called "The Bars," an alternative to conventional medicine.