To serve the Lake Nona Region by promoting commerce and providing

    resources for the benefit of our members and the community. 

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      Lake Nona Town Center
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      October First Tuesday at Hemisphere Restaurant Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport
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      October First Tuesday at Hemisphere Restaurant Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport
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      Chill Pop Ribbon Cutting
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      Christy's Creations at Taste of Nona
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      Our DJ Rocks the Night at Taste of Nona
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      Jared Entertains at Taste of Nona
  • Welcome to the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce!

    The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting the core values of community, diversity, wellness and innovation in the Lake Nona / Orlando area. 

    Our quality programming at monthly events will offer you educational resources to promote a healthy work culture and business support. 

    We are a welcoming, dynamic, close-knit Chamber with unique, valuable networking opportunities with like-minded professionals and business owners in the Lake Nona area.  

    At the LNRCC, our business is helping yours grow through ADVOCACY, INNOVATION and SUPPORT!

  • Don Long, CEO

    Fall is here. I guess one the important questions is, “will you see Halloween or Christmas decorations first?” Some things you should consider as you begin to get ready for the holidays and planning for the next calendar year is how we here at the chamber can help you plan or progress through the year.

    As you start to build your annual, quarterly, and monthly schedules, think about adding one or more of our events. When you attend you will see how much knowledge of our region and other chamber members can help you grow your business.

  • In addition, many members find participating in an active chamber volunteer committee acquaints them with the influential leaders of our community while also providing learning opportunities within the focus of the committees. Our active committees include Economic Development, Events, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Membership, Programming (speaker bureau), and Public Relations.

    Send us an email at administation@lakenonacc.org to ask questions or find out more about gaining more value from your participation.

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