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Progressively serving the Lake Nona Region with Opportunities that enable growth and success while Supporting our members through their journey.

Our Chamber is growing rapidly while also securing a visible influence with regional government officials, community leaders and influencers, large businesses and the community as a whole. We actively advocate on behalf of business and non-profit organizations while also bringing valuable information for our members’ consumption. We fight for our members’ continued Opportunity, Progress and Support. We actively disagree with discrimination, threats to our community whether physical or financial, and unfair practices.

Welcome to the Lake Nona Regional Chamber

Be our guest for our monthly First Tuesdays, Breakfast Connections, or Business Luncheon! We also offer a quarterly seminar on networking, marketing, and other professional topics.

Our annual Signature community events each year are the Nona Chamber Festival in March and Taste of Nona in October.

Note from the CEO

What Your Chamber Does, Part II


Last month I promised to tell you more about our OPS Plan for your Opportunity, Progress and Support. Here are the components of the Chamber OPS Plan:



Innovation and Economic Development

UCF Counseling Programs

Collaboration with local chambers and civic groups

Educational and government seminars

Community updates

Cultivate large corporate connections

Cultivate a vendor supply base and information system

Chamber marketing and networking



Infrastructure and growth leadership

Talent supply and education

Continuing seminars

Informational updates via media

Chamber marketing and networking



Building business climate and competitiveness

Maintain civic and government systems relations

Pursue quality of life and quality places initiatives

Collaboration with local charities

Chamber marketing and networking


Your Board of Directors and Chamber Staff constantly work to bring members and the entire community these benefits. Find out how you can benefit and participate in this process by calling us at (407) 796-2230.


Don Long




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Keep an eye out for our upcoming Nona Chamber Festival!