Progressively serving the Lake Nona Region with Opportunities that enable growth and success while Supporting our members through their journey.

    We offer a monthly evening after-hours, "1st Tuesdays", a "Breakfast Connection" every 2nd Thursday and a "Business Luncheon", every 4th Friday. We also offer quarterly professional breakfast networking seminars, "Contagious Connecting", in February, May, August and November. 

    We present two Signature community events each year: "Nona Chamber Festival", in March and "Taste of Nona", in October.

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      Lake Nona Town Center
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      Mission Coffee Ribbon Cutting
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      GuideWell Innovation Ribbon Cutting
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      AZZLY Ribbon Cutting
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      Lake Nona Social Ribbon Cutting
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      Gillman Advertising Specialties Ribbon Cutting
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      Nona.Media Ribbon Cutting
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      Inspired Performance Institute Ribbon Cutting
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      LNRCC Ribbon Cutting
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      June Breakfast Connections with Lake Nona Information Center at the Lakehouse
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      June Contagious Connecting
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      June Luncheon with Commissioner Jim Gray
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      June Luncheon with Police Chief Orlando Rolon
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      July Breakfast Connections with Regime Bonneau
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      July Breakfast Connections with Regime Bonneau
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      Harmony Preserve Ribbon Cutting

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