Progressively serving the Lake Nona Region with Opportunities that enable growth and success while Supporting our members through their journey.

    Your chamber is
    o Courage - standing up for what we believe in and we are willing to fight for what’s right, so our businesses can grow, and our community can thrive, a
    o Catalyst of business growth,
    o Convener of leaders and influencers and a
    o Champion for a thriving community.
    As we continue to grow we are securing a visible influence with regional government officials, community leaders and influencers, large businesses and the community as a whole. We actively advocate on behalf of business and non-profit organizations while also bringing valuable information for our members’ consumption. 
    We fight for our members’ continued Opportunity, Progress and Support. We actively disagree with discrimination, threats to our community whether physical or financial, and unfair practices. 
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      Lake Nona Town Center
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      November First Tuesday at Nona Adventure Park
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      Ribbon Cutting at Island Fin Poke
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      November Breakfast Connections on Men's Health with AdventHealth at USTA
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      Ribbon Cutting for 3rd Floor at Ronald McDonald House
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      Ribbon Cutting for Pediatric Dental Group
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      Grow with Google with Pamela Starr
    • IMG_0440.JPG-w1920-w1869.jpg
      Board of Directors Weekend Retreat
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