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Why Should I Join?

If you are wanting to get planted into the up and coming Lake Nona region, the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce is the first place to start! Exclusive in-person and online events give members a platform to network with business owners in the community. Our online Directory gives you opportunity to connect with fellow members via email and messaging. With so many benefits waiting, the only step left to take is to fill out our Membership Application.

Chamber Website Ranking

OG Fitness, Keilah Rios

I just got off the phone with my marketing director. She said that the Lake Nona chamber website ranks #2 for directing traffic to my website in the last 30 days.  I've been having a great time at the events and I'm happy to see a positive impact already.  Thank you for the warm welcome!


Keilah Rios


Turning to the Chamber for Help

Sylvan Learning Center, Kathleen Stine

Last night was a huge mental boost for me! Just spending the time talking with the members in the room and seeing their actual excitement that we were not only joining the chamber but the community, told me everything I need to know about our partnership. It was a wonderful event and I cannot wait to attend more in the near future with all of you. As a new business owner, things have been both scary and stressful for me and I have felt like there was nowhere to turn for help in getting our faces and our business out into the community without thousands of hours of promoting on our end, however; just one phone call with you yesterday and I actually sleep better for the first time in months knowing that we made the right choice joining the Chamber. We cannot wait to work with you guys for all of the future events we will both have!

Kathleen Stines

Sylvan Learning Center