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Higher levels receive all benefits of lower levels.



Additional Signature Member Appreciation Event Entries

Breakfasts Connections & Business Luncheons-2 additional entries to Breakfast Connections and Business Luncheons -total 4 each event

Breakfasts & Lunch -Event Partner of all Breakfast Connections & Business Luncheons



Board seat as Advisory Director

Breakfast Connections & Business Luncheon -1 additional entry to both-total 2 each event

CEO Special Subject email-monthly distribution

CEO Communications email sponsor-all CEO distributions to mail list

Signature Member Appreciation Event Entries

Newsletter-Partnership of monthly newsletter with logo and link

Signature Event-Chamber Swing 2some or Premium/Double booth at Nona Fest

Social Media-Monthly posts



CEO Special Subject email -quarterly distribution

First Tuesdays-Event Partner at additional 1 First Tuesdays-total 2

Luncheons-1 entry to Business Luncheon Events

Luncheons-Event Partner at 1 monthly Business Luncheon

Newsletter -Monthly input on Partner News Page

Social Media-Quarterly posts

Website- 2 additional categories in membership directory

Website-Banner ad on Chamber website-12 months



Breakfasts-1 entry to all Breakfast Connections

Breakfasts-Event Partner 1 Breakfast Connections

Member Appreciation-2 Entries or Website Holiday Post

Signature Event-Event Partner at one additional Signature Event

Website-Banner ad on Chamber website-6 months



Chamber Connections-Event Partner at 1 Chamber Connections

First Tuesdays-Event Partner at 1 First Tuesdays

Luncheons-Event Partner at 1 Nona Professional Ladies

Nona Festival or Nona Find Booth Space or Team

Signature Event-Event Partner 1 Signature Event



Dues Included

All Basic Benefits and no limit on # of employees participating

Member Appreciation-Listing on Program or PowerPoint Presentation

Newsletter-Logo posted in Chamber Monthly Newsletter

Nonahood News-Logo placement on monthly premium pages

Recognition all Chamber events: PowerPoint/Table Tents or Virtual Image

Social Media-Semi-annual posts

Website-Additional 2nd category in Member Directory

Website-Banner ad for 3 months on chamber website

Website-Enhanced Package Online Directory

Website-Logo placement on Front Page of Website

Website-VIP Partner Link on Chamber website