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You've heard the saying, "you get out of your organization what you put into it."
Get more out of your Chamber investment by volunteering to participate on a committee.

This is an excellent way to get to know other business owners and showcase your skills and talents, all while contributing to the effort to build and strengthen our community and economy in the Lake Nona Region.


Economic Development and Innovation

Responsible for promoting economic development for the Lake Nona Region, and maintaining and promoting relations between the Chamber and governmental agencies and officials who have direct or indirect jurisdiction over the Lake Nona Region.


Mission is to review and render on a pro bono basis any legal services and advice provided to or on behalf of the Chamber or the Board.  In addition, the Legal Committee may also present legal issues and education to the Chamber’s members through seminars, workshops and other events.


Responsible for marketing the Chamber and its events to its Members and the public in the Lake Nona Region.  In addition, this committee shall maintain the Chamber’s website and social media sites, including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter sites.

The Chamber will gather tourism information and data that will benefit our members.

Research the growing tourism market of the community to provide our members with assistance for marketing and organizational plans while also cultivating the tourist market for the community.

Membership - Ambassador - Chamber Connections

Responsible for recruiting new Members for the Chamber, maintaining the Chamber’s existing Members and appointing ambassadors for the Chamber to communicate with members of the Chamber. Responsible for Chamber Connections Networking and Membership Orientations.


Spearheaded by a team of Chamber Members, the Programming Committee aims to bring to our members and community, hot topics and emerging issues.  Our guest speakers and topics include but are not limited to, Economic Development, Sports, Health, Entertainment, NASA, Local and State Government.  We seek monthly guest speakers to present, educate and inform our Breakfast & Business Luncheon sessions thereby bringing together subject matter experts, thought leaders and economic influencers in forums that vary based on the scope and urgency of the subject matter.

Attendees get to meet other local professionals, exchange contact information while learning about other businesses and new opportunities within the ecosystem and state.

Again, we look to the members of this committee to work together and help bring dynamic, inspiring and informative guests to speak at the Chamber Breakfast & Business Luncheon events.

Special Events

Responsible for organizing and planning the Chamber’s special events, including, without limitation, its annual “Nona  Fest” "Nona Find", "Chamber Swing Golf Tournament" and “Taste of Nona.”

Technology and Website

Responsible for evaluating and maintaining the Chamber’s technology and website.


Diversity - Nona Professional Ladies subcommittee

Our Policy - The Chamber believes that diversity and inclusiveness of its members is an essential element to its ability to accomplish its purpose.  Diversity embodies the differences that make the Chamber’s members and their representatives unique, including, but not limited to people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, religions, ages and physical abilities.  Likewise, diversity includes people of diverse opinions, perspectives, lifestyles, ideas and thoughts.

The Chamber values the differences in perspectives and varied experiences that are part of a diverse membership.

We will exemplify inclusion through people, programs, practices, policy, and partnerships.

Ensure regional influence by accelerating and sustaining a diverse talent base and advancing inclusion in the Chamber and the region.


Become an influencer and supporter of our community educational organizations.

Create outreach programs within the membership that will enforce the ideals of the Chamber within the educational structure while also providing a strong local labor force for the future.


Lead our membership to healthy lives and decisions.

Cultivate an ongoing relationship with prominent community health organizations that will result in informational and active programs related to health issues.


The Chamber will be a source of information about community non-profit organizations while also providing our members volunteer opportunities that will include both manpower and financial support to deserving local charities.

Support community non-profits, particularly member organizations, to forward their efforts within the community.