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Are new approaches becoming a FAD?

By Ashni Mulchand, AADP Certified Health Coach

Ashni Mulchand, AADP Certified Health CoachAs we have noticed time and again, if a certain diet or fashion is practiced it becomes a fad. Just like yoga used to be a particular practice in a particular culture, it has made its debut into mainstream. There are explicit yoga studios for particular people. It has reached such a level, that even in schools and religious churches, yoga is being practiced. That is the power of human intelligence and open mindedness. When we give a chance to something we do not know about an opportunity to have the experience of it, there is gain for many and a new culture is created. It is very interesting to witness that something which used to be “taboo” is now part of a lifestyle.

In today’s health and wellness corner, there are a lot of new approaches. Some ancient traditions are getting new exposure. Things like Yoga, Ayurveda, Breathing, Mindfullness are adapted by those who are looking to transform their health, wealth and life-style. Today I wish to share another unique technique with you. Some benefits of using this technique are: increased energy; reduced mental ‘chatter’; releasing weight/body/ image issues; reducing or eliminating pain; relief from depression or fatigue; improved sleep – just to name a few. This technique is called "The Bars."  It is an alternative, not a substitute, to conventional medicine. By lightly touching particular points on the body, we release tension and other impurities that get stored in our nervous system. Once we learn how to do this, we can improve so many things in our life, including relationships with our self. Being able to listen to our body and knowing what the body needs to function properly, helps our whole life change. Living life is a simple art. We make the simple life complicated. Start listening to your body and take action accordingly. We have only one life! What is keeping you from taking action? Now "Bars" sessions are also available in Lake Nona.

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