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The Biggest Threat to a Woman’s Retirement

I am often asked about the retirement threats specific to women because one of my companies, Woman’s Worth® LLC., specializes in the unique lifetime income planning needs of women. You would think women have the typical retirement risks we find with all baby boomers regardless of gender: taxes, market volatility, and inflation. Let me get the record straight: Your greatest retirement risk is LONGEVITY!

That’s the good news and the bad news because living longer means longer periods of having to fund an active lifestyle (that’s the good news) but coupled with that, longevity means that women have a higher risk of suffering debilitating illnesses, spending more on healthcare costs, which are skyrocketing, and have a higher risk of ending up in skilled nursing care (that’s the bad news). Living longer means that you need to make sure your money lasts as long as you do.

Planning is the key to making sure you have the financial resources to achieve your goals whether you live to 80, 90 or beyond 100. The fastest growing segment of the population is the 90+ generation. If you want to mitigate the risk of outliving your retirement nest egg, you need to create a financial life plan to help you understand what it’s going to cost you to get retired AND stay retired.

To protect yourself from longevity risk:

  • Get real with your lifestyle expenses based on today
  • Vision what your desired lifestyle scenario is going to look like
  • Find a financial guide that speaks the language of planning, not investing, to identify the future cost of your retirement through age 100
  • Account for the traditional risks (inflation, taxes, market risk, etc) as well as longevity risk and complete a gap analysis (current lifestyle costs vs. future)
  • Create customized solutions to close any of the gaps identified

Change your paradigm about retirement from financial planning to life planning because at the retirement life stage, the only purpose of money is to achieve your desired lifestyle. How much will your lifestyle cost you? A plan will answer this ever most crucial question that begs the need for a response before you get that golden handshake. Remember, your plan should be as unique as your DNA; no one-size-fits-all life plans because your retirement journey is going to represent YOUR BEST LIFE YET!

Jeannette Bajalia

About Jeannette Bajalia

Bajalia is the author of three books including the newly released Planning a Purposeful Life – Secrets of Longevity. She has a weekly radio show in Northeast Florida and can be heard nationally through Woman’s Worth® website. She is the co-founder of the Growing Bolder Financial Institute Powered by Woman’s Worth and is featured in the Growing Bolder magazine on regular basis.  Due to unique challenges attributable to longevity and related life issues, Bajalia’s company Woman’s Worth® focuses on providing life and income planning services to women.  

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