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Member Spotlight: Team Pasch

Marni Pasch

Are you tired of your home feeling like an academic war-zone? Would you like to go back to being a parent and not a nag? What would it be like to just enjoy your teenager again, without worrying about their progress book?

My name is Marni Pasch, owner of Team Pasch Academic Coaching. What is an academic coach? Just like a sports coach, I help kiddos learn strategies and techniques to become better players. In this case, I help them become stronger on the academic field.  I work with students in grades 6 and higher who struggle with academic confidence and motivation. I help frustrated students create concrete goals, tackle procrastination, create efficient organization tips and learn creative study skills.

Team Pasch
Marni Pasch

“Our son doesn't seem to be as frustrated and aggravated with his schoolwork now. He seems more relaxed and taking an adult approach to handling assignments.” 

--Mr. W parent of 11th grade student

I have my masters in school counseling, extensive course work in gifted education, certification in ADHD coaching for teens, and I am trained in the Anti-Boring Approach to Studying. However, those are just paper credentials; my life experience is what connects me to struggling students.

I know how painful it can be to feel like a failure at school. I struggled with motivation and procrastination for most of my school life. When I discovered creative study skills and tricks to beat procrastination, school became much more fun; I even started turning in work before the deadline! For the first time I felt excited to learn.  I never thought I would be able to say that; I only wish I had learned that sooner.

“Marni has been instrumental in my 12th grader making a complete turnaround during his senior year in high school.  His weekly meetings with Marni have directly resulted in his senior year GPA being the highest during his entire high school career." 

--Ms. P parent of a 12th grade student

If you are ready to ease the stress at home, contact me for information about a free 50-minute strategy session for your child. During this session, your child will walk away with at least one strategy to tackle the current semester. I work with students face to face in the Lake Nona area, and across the country via Zoom.
I look forward to you joining Team Pasch!