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July Member Spotlight: Goretti Garcia, Financial Planner and Regional Manager for Woman’s Worth® and Petros Estate & Retirement Planning LLC

Madelyn Long

Woman's Worth

Someone once said that it is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. This is Goretti Garcia’s life story! She is one of the passionate Financial Planners at Woman’s Worth® and the Regional Manager for the Central Florida Office. She joined Petros Estate & Retirement Planning LLC and Woman’s Worth® LLC after a successful business management career in Orlando, Florida.

Goretti is originally from Spain where she received her degree in Business Administration in 2000.  She earned her MBA with an emphasis in International Business at Webster University in Orlando, Florida. Her experience in budgeting, portfolio performance analysis and investing have helped her realize her passion for life and financial planning which led to a focus on retirement planning.

Her relentless pursuit for deep understanding of the issues facing women and the aging population brought her to Woman’s Worth®, a financial services firm specializing in the unique life and financial needs of women.  At Woman’s Worth®, Goretti ensures individuals have a retirement plan with the goal of allowing them to be more emotionally, medically and financially secure while navigating through their life stages, up to and through retirement.

Goretti feels very fortunate to be able to work hand in hand for her clients with her mentor, Jeannette Bajalia, the Founder and President of Woman’s Worth®. Because of Goretti’s passion and commitment to serving women in a holistic manner, she was asked by Jeannette to write a forward and conclusion to the third edition of Jeannette Bajalia’s book Wi$e Up Women:  A Guide to Total Fiscal and Physical Well Being.  Goretti says: “One of my favorite quotes from Jeannette’s book is that a man is not a plan. I really try to help women realize that we need to plan today for the unknown and the uncertainties that the future might hold such as divorce, widowhood or reaching our senior years as a single due to personal choices. The average age of widowhood in America is 59, and while most men die married, most women die single! Longevity is a real risk for both men and women,  but more importantly for women due to the compelling statistics that we continue to read about.

Goretti believes the financial services industry does not adequately address the issues that are most relevant for women. “I talk to them about the possibilities and show them how they will be able to face the ‘what ifs.’ It is a relief for them to see that someone does care to look into the risks they face and not just the investment plan.” Goretti ensures that her clients are treated with respect and dignity by creating an Integrated Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan® that assists her clients in achieving their specific goals and dreams. Goretti has recently participated in the Growing Bolder Life Institute Online Summit Presented by Woman’s Worth® as one of the financial planning experts, where they focused on The Health-Wealth Connection.

Her positive attitude and willingness to serve her clients by providing them a differentiated experience in life and financial planning has contributed to her success as the leader of the Central Florida Regional Office for Petros and Woman’s Worth®. She is also a Leadership Winter Park graduate and has served as co-chair for the Emerging Professionals Team for Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Orlando. Additionally, Goretti is a fitness fanatic and loves working out at the gym. She is happily married to Jimmie with whom she enjoys life while chatting, laughing and winning one or two arguments on the golf course.
For more information, visit or call 407.326.6344